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The Real Cost Of Bad Hires Isn't What You Think

What You’re Missing (The Real Cost)

Most CEOs have come to accept the "reality" of business -- that dealing with B- and C-players is part of the game. But what happens when you reject that notion and create a new reality?

Low productivity, lack of initiative and too many days showing up late or not at all are typical complaints about bad hires or poor performers. Eventually, they must be replaced.

But the typical cost to replace an employee is 21% of their annual salary. Read the full article on Forbes

The High Cost Of Bad Leaders

Globally, C-Levels Identify This As The #2 Threat To Business

People who are tasked with leading, but are unprepared to do so, experience tremendous overwhelm and stress. And one thing that definitely trickles down is stress.

While it may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye, overwhelm leads to an inability to take action or smart action, and a need to take credit from others. Together, with the lack of actual leadership abilities, the combination can have an extremely detrimental effect on the team and company as a whole. Becoming a true leader requires a shift in mindset and a shift in behavior, which often is missing until a problem or crisis emerges. Read the full article on Forbes

Five Vital Secrets You Must Know To Master The Science Of Creating

“A Definitive Understanding of How Core Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions Create Your Reality.”

Don't have the revenue and success you want? Here's why.

Quantum mechanics tells us that every second of every day, our body sends energetic messages into the universe, drawing people and experiences to us.

Your marketing and sales materials say “we’re great," but at your core, you don’t quite believe it, causing negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be energetically "packaged" in the positive words you use.

Scientifically, we know that energy radiates out and is felt by others. When your marketing says one thing, but your energy says another, your prospects and clients feel the disconnect. They maybe aren’t aware of what the problem is, but they know there is one. They don’t trust you. No trust, no sale.   Period. Read the full article on Forbes

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