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Are you making money? But not enough to immerse yourself in the joy of living? Is your business making you sick? Fat? 


83.71% of executives experience stress related ailments. For CEO’s the number jumps to 100%.

C-Levels are under greater pressure and stress than ever before. In today’s fast-paced, turbulent and constantly changing economic conditions, companies that fail to change and strategize can go from being the most innovative in their industry to bankruptcy

The global economy is becoming still more connected, creating a much larger and more diverse population of customers and suppliers.  There are no industries or businesses that are immune to the effects of disruptive change.



More accidents and workers comp claims are the result of rising workplace stress.  

39% of employees feel rage at coworkers

70% of workers don't like their job.
Overwhelm, long hours and the lack of work/life balance are the biggest stressors facing everyone from C-levels to managers to tribe members.
56% of businesses are struggling to hire quality employees.
In 2016, global internet traffic reached 1.3 zettabytes, dramatically affecting your ability to communicate with clients. Not to mention the cost.

Increased turnover (9% to 32%)
Decreased sales (7%)
Decreased customer satisfaction
Low Productivity

CEOs / Entrepreneurs report -

1. Struggling with money
2. Revenue flat or declining
3. Costs going up
4. Fear / Stress

Because of uncertainty in the global markets, government regulation, consumer whims and the "next big thing", many businesses have become reactionary, rather than strategic.

As each new fear or shift arises or as the latest shiny new marketing gimmick floats by, many companies are creating their own instability because they are taken in by distractions, rather than Smart Business Strategy.


Don't "play" in your market!

Don't "participate" in your market!



Own Your Market!

Are you strategic in your messaging and your growth? Many companies want to grow, but don't have an intentional plan to get them there. The results are often chaotic, haphazard and less than stellar...built on frustration and minimal profits

MetrixGlobal reports - 529% return on investment for executive coaching. When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.

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YOUR 5 Most Profitable Success Strategies

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Learn about and overcome the 5 primary challenges to your wealth, regardless of how much money you have today.

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Most people want finacial success. If you don't have it, what is blocking it? Uncover your personal blocks to money and start learning the tools necessary to remove those blocks!

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Are you struggling to reach your first 7 figure year? Or have you made it 7 and now ready to break through to $2 Million? $10 Million? More? Are you Feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? Are you experiencing fatigue, self-doubt, and frustration? Make more money, stop wrecking your health, destroying your marriage, and put your children at risk of depression and negative behaviours.

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Are you making money…but find that there isn’t quite enough to really immerse yourself in the joy of living? We'll show you how.

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Master your life! Live in joy...on your terms! What if you could harness the power of the universe to do the heavy lifting for you? What if you could play more AND at the same time make more? What if business became play? Your life is meant to be “easy, joyful, abundant and fun. Ready to learn how? !

The "Secret Sauce" 

Secrets of Manifestation from Ancient Mystery Schools and Shamanic Traditions Around The World. 
This Intensive weaves manifestation teachings with practical and innovative strategies, using a powerful success formula, known for producing exponential results. Using this formula, people around the world, have begun to live lives of ease, joy, abundance and fun, taking their lives from mundane to Mastery and ordinary to Extraordinary!

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Bonus "6 Keys to Success: How To Create Massive Success In The New Economy; Any Career, Job, Business And In Life!

2017 edition with Bonus 7th Key! 

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