Tragedy to Triumph!

When I was about 4 years old, I experienced for the first time what was to become many years of very traumatic and life-threatening violence. In the middle of that trauma, in a split second, my confused 4 year old mind made a choice that I would repeat many times. I chose to sacrifice myselfDeberah 4 and put my tiny 4 year old body in front of the person screaming my name, begging for my help. If I close my eyes, I can hear those screams still today. In that moment, I took on the role of being “less than” and gave up my power for someone else. What I didn’t realize at the time is that I unwittingly started a pattern that I would repeat for the next 40 years, sacrificing my personal wealth, joy, health and freedom for others.

Many years later, after surviving decades of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and violence, in my early 20’s, I made my way into the world, and forged a successful career, creating literal empires for others. For 20 years, I worked with politicians, helping them win landslide elections; business leaders growing their businesses and adding to their massive fortunes; working with abused and neglected children; and working to enact legislation to save our precious environment.

But, while I was creating massive wealth and wins for others, the skills that I so artfully used and successes I created for their benefit, always eluded me. Why was I able to do if so masterfully for others, but not myself?

I Want  The Whole Cookie!
Don’t You?

As I was growing up, I’d always been told that I wasn’t “enough”…good enough, smart enough, pretty enough…you name it, “not enough”. Sadly, like many of the people I work with, I bought the lie…and proceeded to live it as though it was true. I created a reality that matched the lies I’d been taught and foolishly believed…of needing to sacrifice myself for others because I just wasn’t “enough”.

Then it all came to a crashing end. After years of 80+ hour work weeks and a life that was seriously lacking personal joy and freedom, I’d had enough. I walked away and started over.

Someone said to me “Deberah, the problem is, you’ve never demanded the whole cookie. You’ve always been okay with just having just the leftover crumbs.”

What began as a massively painful and completely terrifying “life reboot” has become one of my greatest gifts. I turned my attention on me. Took myself on as my own “client” and created the “Power of 3 Formula”, which I now use to create often incredible success for myself and others.

What Did I Learn?
How Can You Benefit?

I empower people to step into and embody their true power – to create more ease, abundance, joy and fun in both their lives and work. I work with people who are ready to receive their greatest success and live their highest purpose, helping them to understand that their personal power is the power of the Universe. And when they understand that by embodying and living universal power, they may then go on to create their own lives of abundance, joy and freedom, as they define it.

I’ve experienced it personally and I’ve seen others experience it. When they fully embrace the Power of 3, magic happens. Their businesses explode with success. Life becomes joyful and fun.

More Money! Less Stress! More Fun!

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Individuals and companies on the precipice of success or on the brink of disaster have won big with Deberah's expertise. One company increased its revenue $298 million in 8 short months. Another came back from extinction, skyrocketing their $56,000 budget to $13 million.

Deberah has lent her talents to the California Senate and the U.S. Congress, from whom she received Congressional honors for her extensive body of work and expertise.

Deberah’s "Power of 3" training is a unique mix of proven business strategies and smart success tools fueled by ancient laws of manifestation, which she weaves together to help listeners create their own careers, businesses and lives of massive success. Deberah engages and challenges participants, reshaping their core beliefs, leading those who embrace the principles on an incredible journey of self-discovery culminating in their own prosperous future.